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  • Save £100 on tutoring costs with 3 hours tutition for the price of 1!
  • Suitable for AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards.
  • Get a free ebook on 'The top 5 mistakes students make in GCSE physics exams (and how not to make them)' when you book a session.
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The science of learning..

  • Get tutoring where each session is based on the science of learning.
  • Our sessions are based on the four stages of competence.
  • We do not just explain concepts to you (you could just watch an online video for that).
  • What we do is help you progress through these learning stages with our carefully planned sessions and help you become competent in your subject.
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Exam Q - 20th March 2pm - 5pm

Upcoming sessions:

Exam Qs - 27th March 2pm - 5pm




GCSE Waves session 1 13th March

GCSE Waves session 2 13th March



  • GCSE Electromagnetism
  • A Level Electric fields in April


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"I found the practical simulations really useful as I had never done them. The experiment came up in my mock and I got a 9."

Zara, year 11, Slough


"The sessions were easy to follow and the small group sessions made it easier to learn than being in a classroom."

Sarah-Jane, year 11, Chinnor

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